Does the buildings cover include our car parks?

Yes – provided the cost of reinstating them is included within the buildings sum insured.

Can I include Trustees Indemnity cover?

Yes –we can accept your instruction to include Trustees Indemnity cover up to a limit of £500,000.

Are special events covered?

The policy automatically includes up to 4 events per annum with up to 500 attendees at each, providing no hazardous activities as listed on the Policy details page. Larger events can be assessed separately, please email or phone for more details.

What`s an LTU?  Do I have to sign up for 3 years?

A 3 year Long Term Undertaking entitles you to a discount – there is no obligation to take cover for more than 12 months but if you agree to an LTU your rate will not increase, other than the index linking of sum insured, changes instructed by yourselves or rises in the tax rate.

Does the Village Hall Plus Group charge fees?

The premium we quote includes all administration costs. No further charges are made for midterm adjustments.

You have sent an Employers Liability Certificate but no Public Liability Certificate?

Employers’ Liability is a compulsory form of cover – if you have employees the law requires you to hold Employers’ Liability cover for an indemnity limit of at least £5m. Public Liability is not compulsory at law and so no certificate is issued, unless specifically requested by the hall. Volunteers are not `employees` within the scope of the policy and are covered under public liability. Please display the Employers Liability Certificate where staff can see it or copy to them electronically.